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Virtual Compliance Assistance Program 

BCP has developed an innovative new approach to compliance consulting.  This program is designed to enhance investment advisor and broker-dealer compliance programs by providing more “hands on” compliance assistance from our office to yours.  Investment advisors and broker-dealers are not permitted to delegate total responsibility for their compliance programs. 

Hiring a full time compliance person or an outside consultant to work in your office may be costly and impractical.  Enter the Virtual Compliance Assistance program.  Our program includes:

- - An interactive platform for reviewing correspondence, advertising or other documents. Upload the documents via our website and we review them and provide advice and feedback.

- - On-line access - Your key documents are easily accessible and always available through our website.  You don’t have to worry about managing them or misplacing anything.

- - We provide high quality “hands on” consulting at reasonable prices; (with no travel costs). Our Virtual Compliance Assistance program allows clients to supervise their compliance program while we do much of the actual work.